Why It Matters – The November 5th Show

Why It Matters – The November 5th Show

What America Voted For in 2020

  • Senate stayed under “R” control, despite more R’s than D’s up for re-election
  • “R” gained seats in US House of Representatives
  • Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities moved significantly toward “R”

Zapata County Texas voted “R” for the first time in 100 years

At minimum, this means…despite MSM claiming a blue wave sweeping the country

Americans did not vote for defunding the police

Americans did not vote for ending the fossil fuel industry

Americans did NOT vote for socialism

SOOOOOO….millions of Americans  are struggling with the question:

Did Biden really win the number of votes our election system says he did?

Overhaul of America’s election system…voter rolls, voter id, vote tabulation

       systems…is critical…election fraud is an existential threat to America


Vote Concocting Corruption

  • Rudy Giuliani highlighted the absurdity of Philadelphia ‘observer’ rules…NO ability to observe
  • Video captured late night arrival in Detroit of vans/wagons with possible new ballots
  • Project Veritas released video of USPS whistleblower outing orders to backdate postmarks on ballots
  • Stats show multiple jurisdictions where vote tallies exceed number of registered voters

The evidence of voting/election fraud is not anecdotal; it is systemic and overwhelming

It is orders of magnitude more abundant and serious than in any other election

Millions believe that Donald Trump won re-election and Recognize NOW is the time to fight, and there can be no surrender to this apparent egregious attempted stealing of an election