Why It Matters – The November 5th Show

Why It Matters – The November 5th Show

Kanye’s Conversion

        Kanye West is an unparalleled pop culture icon

        West epitomizes ‘street cred’—

Ø His rap music reflected the reality of inner city life

Ø Marriage to Kim Kardashian the ultimate validation of pop culture visibility

        West’s visible conversion to Christianity seems authentic; new “Jesus is King” is huge hit

        His message to 30 million Twitter followers will be heard

        Will Kanye West’s 2019 conversion to Christianity mark a U-turn moment in reclaiming America’s Judeo-Christian culture?



Coup Exposed – Lee Smith’s Book

Lee Smith’s “The Plot Against the President” –

Ø Anchored to the role of Congressman Devin Nunes in exposing the coup

Ø Irrefutable proof of the coup, for any honest, objective reader

        Americans’ grasp of the reality of the coup attempt is growing

        The coup attempt is the most egregious political scandal in American history

        The weaponized government of Obama Administration FBI & DOJ plus MSM =

            Organized crime

        Will there be accountability?

        Will there be real, corrective actions?



Sidney Powell’s Latest Flynn Masterpiece

AGAIN – Americans’ grasp of the coup attempt is growing

Sidney Powell filed a motion to compel Brady evidence in defense of Lt Gen Flynn & the Gov’t replied no evidence need be provided.

Ø She points out in her motion that the Gov’t failed to provide Brady evidence before coercing a guilty plea, and claims now that plea was entered-  no Brady duty!

Ø Govt STILL never produced earlier drafts of the Flynn 302’s and appears to be ignoring the fact that they can access them in their system.

Ø Her latest brief on behalf of Lt. Gen. Flynn is “plainspeak” revealing FBI & DOJ corruption—including apparent deliberate, premeditated framing of Flynn

AMERICA will never recover if there is not accountability for the coup plot