Why It Matters – The November 7th Show

Why It Matters – The November 7th Show



Tomorrow’s election results likely far deeper in impact than a biennial shift in party politics

  • MAGA is drawing together white, black, brown, Asian…all who love freedom
  • NOT R v. D, but—
    • Tyranny v. freedom
    • God-given rights v. rulers in charge
    • America v. NOT America
  • MASSIVE rejection of leftist agenda…which always brings on human suffering
  • MASSIVE evidence of electorate learning key step to defeat machines: Election Day Voting

Restoring America may become possible

IF voters DEMAND strong, substantive follow up by those elected Nov. 8


Trump vs DeSantis – WHY DeSanctimonious?


Trump chose Florida rally to tag FLA governor with “DeSantimonious” label

Typical Trump…blunt, with questionable timing pre-election….HOWEVER

  • Same day: encourages Floridians to vote for DeSantis

What’s Trump’s agenda?

  • DeSantis has demonstrated strong conservative leadership in Florida, but
  • DeSantis’ donors and endorsements raise flags re Uniparty/RINO establishment support
  • Biggest $$ donor wants to curb populism and restore GOP ties to big business (anti-MAGA)
  • Endorsements include Paul Ryan, Lincoln Project and Jeb!

—all rabid Never Trumpers, anti-MAGA

DeSantis very strong on conservative policy…but not strong on dismantling the Deep State

DeSantis seems too smart to run against Trump at this time


True the Vote Prisoners Catherine & Gregg FREED


Fifth Circuit renders justice for Engelbrecht and Phillips…orders them freed from jail

Trial judge order to jail them was the first time in US history in the context of civil litigation and for refusal to identify sources

They are right to be freed, but they never should have jailed in the first place

Engelbrecht and Phillips are exposing massive election fraud by Konnech/CCP

  • Konnech CEO has already been arrested by one of the most leftwing DA’s in the USA
  • Yet trial judge was trying to help Konnech/CCP by ordering Engelbrecht/Phillips to jail
  • This is a shocking level of corruption in the US federal judiciary

Ridding the USA of CCP’s corrupting influence will be a long and arduous process

But it must be done


Is Christian Nationalism EVIL?


Leftists have always sought to paint patriotic Christians has pushing for a theocracy in USA

  • Theocracy argument has always been baseless and ridiculous, a cover for hatred of God

Patriotic Christians love the Declaration of Independence, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and generally exercise a ‘live and let live’ philosophy as to non-Christians

  • NOT ‘white supremacist’ or anything remotely close

Patriot Mobile—a mobile phone service that donates to conservative, patriotic causes, including the Women for Freedom Summits—was made the subject of leftwing hit piece for practicing ‘Christian Nationalism’

  • Patriot Mobile’s statement defending itself is worth a read at americacanwetalk.org
  • American Christians and patriots have nothing to apologize for or be defensive about
  • The Bible and Christianity were and are overwhelmingly important factors in the founding of America