Why It Matters – The November 8th Show

Why It Matters – The November 8th Show

The People Rise Up – AKA Election Day


The test of Election Day 2022:

…”the American people get the government they deserve…”

but not if elections are rigged

  • MAGA turnout will be enormous…motivation is ‘off the charts’ strong
  • Dem turnout will pale by comparison…giant enthusiasm gap
  • Actual leftist/communist turnout will be minor

Yet Biden sets expectation of days/weeks to count…voting machines already having trouble…DOJ sending out teams to 64 counties…leftist media panicked/hysterical over R win

Will the Deep State allow an honest election?

Stay firm and faithful…MAGA will win


Israel & Netanyahu


All-out effort to get rid of PM Netanyahu in previous election…like all-out effort to get rid

of Trump in 2020…gave Israelis a taste of government compromised by leftism

  • PM Bennett attempted to maintain coalition with anti-Israel Arabs…NOT POSSIBLE

Israelis turned decisively toward Netanyahu’s strong leadership

  • Now a much more conservative and religious majority in government
  • Reproduction rates much higher among conservative, religious Israelis than liberals

…these voting demographic trends favor strengthening of conservative majority

Will America follow a pattern similar to the Israelis?

Answer:  Very likely…so long as elections are not rigged

The Spiritual Awakening to Freedom over Tyranny is Worldwide


Brazil & Bolsonaro


Marches in protest of election results in Brazil are ongoing, and appear to be growing

Results plainly did not square with palpable difference in enthusiasm favoring Bolsonaro

Declared ‘winner’ is deeply aligned with Xi Jinping and CCP

Bolsonaro plainly aligned with Brazilian nationalism, populism and conservative values

The stirring against tyranny, censorship, and globalism is worldwide…and growing

This is all to the good…and it cannot be stopped

Stay firm and faithful and prayerful


Dangerous Free Speech on Twitter


Elon Musk is turning the leftist world upside down

  • Free speech is anathema to a totalitarian
  • The left’s fear of Musk in control of Twitter is at hysterical levels

Suspension of Kathy Griffin an easy warning shot by Musk

  • Say whatever you want but don’t deceive by falsely impersonating someone else

$8/month subscription fee for real users + weed out of bots, fake followers and bought-and-paid-for ‘blue checks’ is changing the Twitter model radically toward a real online ‘town square’

  • Active discussion of competing ideas, NOT echo-chamber of shrill, controlled leftism

An era experiencing a rebirth of freedom…a great time to be alive!




The phony construct of climate change alarmism is the last haven of leftism

  • It is the overwhelming reason for current economic turmoil and inflation
  • It is perverting energy exploration and distribution in unnatural, non-free market ways
    • May cause the death of millions of people in Europe…THIS WINTER

Even after a red wave blowout, the left will try to ride climate change into a NWO

  • Demand behavioral control over billions of people
    • …without regard to national sovereignty
    • …without regard to freedom of the individual

Evidence and data debunking climate change alarmism is abundant

…will enough people wake up and force a course correction?