Why It Matters – The November 8th Show

Why It Matters – The November 8th Show

Infrastructure Bill Betrayal


13 RINOs vote for radical left spending-into-oblivion agenda

Bill would not have passed without these RINO votes

Estimates suggest as little as 11% of $1.3T is for ‘infrastructure’

Nobody in Congress writes these bill; nobody in Congress reads them line-by-line

The mood of the country is adamantly against everything on the Biden agenda

Yet RINOs step in to pass the Pelosi bill…WTH?

The disconnect between the American people and the ruling class has never been wider

Defiance of ‘the consent of the governed’ is dangerous and destabilizing

If fair and honest elections are restored for 2022,

Congressional makeup could be radically changed


Biden Vax Mandate Blocked


  • Fifth Circuit Ct. of Appeals cites ‘grave statutory and constitutional issues’ in issuing temporary order blocking OSHA mandates
  • Americans are jaded and cynical about the current judiciary’s willingness to protect freedom…so the Fifth Circuit’s action is only mildly celebrated

But the sweep of evidence of VAERS data and other stories of adverse effects (where’s Gavin?) are taking the wind out of the sails of mandate hysteria…maybe   this time the courts (including, eventually, SCOTUS) will stay firm

Congressman Thomas Massie (R, KY) has it right:    

Anyone who believes a U.S. President can unilaterally impose a medical

treatment on all Americans as a condition of employment is constitutionally illiterate and morally bankrupt.”


Rescue – TikTok Distress  Signal


  • A silver lining story for TikTok (the otherwise mind-wasting short video app designed by communist China)
  • Newly fashioned distress signal using single hand movements spreads publicly via TikTok
  • Kidnapped 16 year old girl flashes the signal at a stoplight; alert nearby driver recognizes the signal, and connects with police…and soon the kidnapper is stopped and arrested, and kidnapping plot foiled

As with almost all technologies…there are good features, and there are features 

exploited by the dark elements of humanity…TikTok facilitates communication and

facilitates the spread of propaganda…Score one for life-saving communication!