Why It Matters – The November 9th Show

Why It Matters – The November 9th Show

VA Election Aftershocks


  • Generational leftist/liberal clash: James Carville v. AOC

Carville says ‘stupid woke-ism’ cost Dems the VA election

AOC says Dems being ‘too moderate’ cost them the VA election

  • Biden advisors – VA results mean time to double/triple-down on the radical left agenda

Americans must stop pretending there is anything moderate or normal about Biden’s installation as President and the cabal’s pursuit of the radical, destabilizing, fundamentally transforming agenda that is wreaking havoc throughout America…

This is a war on America as founded, and it is deadly serious

RESISTANCE IS IMPERATIVE if America the free is to be saved


Durham’s Russia-Gate Indictments


  • Long-silent ‘Special Prosecutor’ surfaces with a few indictments– Michael Sussman and Igor Danchenko
  • Some are placing great hope that Durham ‘has the goods’ and is prepared to go ‘all the way to the top’ to clean out the corruption
  • Indictments suggest a theory that the FBI and DOJ were duped into pursuing the Russia collusion hoax by clever liars working for the Clinton campaign

The FBI and DOJ were NOT duped; this is an utterly false premise

  • Unless/until Durham moves to indict Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Mueller & Weissmann…as well as Hillary Clinton herself…Durham’s effort is tainted and inadequate…just another whitewash


FBI Raid on Project Veritas 


  • Imagine the 2018 headline: “President Trump’s FBI raids Jim Acosta’s home
  • The absence of media apoplexy about Biden’s FBI raid on James O’Keefe’s home is the measure of America’s desperately dark place in 2021

Legacy media has no honesty, principles, standards or objectivity; they simply serve as the propaganda arm of the Biden regime, and cannot be shamed

Unprecedented in America; incalculably dangerous to a functioning Republic

  • The founders never imagined a ‘free press’ would volunteer to work for a regime

‘Alternative media’ are fighting back, but Big Tech censorship also serves the regime

Speculation that FBI raid also intended to flush out all Project Veritas’ agents and projects b/c Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Brother have been embarrassed by Project Veritas…yet the legacy media crows about Project Veritas getting its comeuppance…this is an upside-down world that will wash away freedom if it is not corrected, SOON


Planned Perpetual Chaos  


Only an enemy of America, intent on destroying America, would do the things Biden is doing

  • Allowed invasion through the American southern border with two million ‘troops’
  • Stopped fuel production, ending American self-sufficiency
  • Allowed the burning and destruction of the downtowns of major American cities (Deep State w/I Trump admin)
  • Supporting efforts to defund and disband the police
  • Claim that the foundational documents of America, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are effectively null and void due to slavery
  • Required schools to teach that white children are evil oppressors and children of color are forever victims
  • Declared that children belong to the government, and parents have no say in their education
  • Abandoned American citizens, residents, and allies in Afghanistan

The Biden/cabal agenda is purposeful

Not one part of it is supported by the American people