Why It Matters – The November 9th Show

Why It Matters – The November 9th Show

Red Whimper or Matrix Manipulation?


Polls show 70%+ of Americans very unhappy with direction of the country

…but ‘red wave’ did not materialize in November 8 elections

America’s historic, at-the-crossroads-level, pivotal question:  Why?

  • One answer will lead to a new iteration of debate about messaging, candidate strength, voting blocks, advertising, community outreach, social media and other elements of political strategy
  • The other answer will lead to laser focus on ridding America of electronic voting machines

After two years of out-of-control borders, crippling of energy supply, devastation of the military, pandemic malpractice and fraud on a national scale, rampant inflation, a collapsing stock market, CRT,  trans-insanity, etc., etc., there is no possible way Americans who care enough to vote delivered a

mild rebuke to the leftist cabal running this country…

These mid-term results are not the product of an honest election


Remember the 2020 Election Steal


Remember 2020

  • An entire orchestrated pandemic of fear porn foisted on the American people

…set the stage for massive deployment of mail-in ballots

  • Mark Zuckerberg spends $400M to deploy ballot dropboxes used by the ‘mules’
  • Five states have coordinated stoppage of vote-counting on election night

Trump ahead in all five before stoppage; Trump lost all five after vote stoppage

  • Voting machine algorithms discovered and proven in 43 states by Dr. Douglas Frank
  • Tina Peters in Mesa County CO discovered and proved fraud in voting machines

All of this planning…all of these tools…were deployed to get rid of Donald Trump and threat he represented to the Uniparty/Deep State

Does anyone think this level of power would never be used again?

End voting machines or end America…that’s the choice




AZ – 400K ballots still to count…’day of’ voting went for Kari Lake by estimated 70%…on the ground reports indicate she still may win

GA – Warnock and Walker will have a runoff

PA – Oz was not a true MAGA candidate, but Fetterman is demonstrably unfit

Sentient Pennsylvanians voted for Fetterman?  Or an engineered result?

Discontent in PA may not recede quietly


Choose Your Battle & Re-engage


Never, never, never, never….give up on America

  • American patriots must elect fighters equal to themselves
  • GOP is spineless, cowardly…devoted to role-playing in a Uniparty government
  • GOP leadership must be changed at every level…until true fighters are in power

So…reach out on Issues … Millennials …  GOP Party Leadership … Build Diverse Coalitions  … Become on-the-ground activists between elections … Fight the Machines & Election Fraud

If voting machines are banned, restoration of America by MAGA patriots is still possible