Why It Matters – The October 10th Show

Why It Matters – The October 10th Show

It’s Columbus Day, America!


Columbus Day celebrates a key event in the development of America as the ultimate bastion of human liberty on earth

Biden instead celebrates Indigenous People’s Day

The LEFT tolerates/condones tear down of Columbus statues

The Left’s message is ALWAYS

  • Tear down America
  • Destroy freedom
  • Teach American children to hate their country

A Red Wave MUST sweep this poison out of America on November 8


Kanye and Candace Spoke for All Sane Americans


Kanye West & Candace Owens wear “White Lives Matter” sweatshirts to Paris fashion show

Candace Owens set to release BLM documentary:  “The Greatest Lie Ever Told”

Kanye West ‘conservative’ interview with Tucker Carlson goes mega-viral

Difficult to overstate the influence these two have on pop culture and ‘black’ identity

  • Both are proudly conservative and Christian and MAGA patriots
  • Absolutely upending and destroying stereotypes of ‘how all blacks must think’

West still goes off the rails from time to time, especially with seeming anti-Semitism

  • But still doing far more good than bad in waking up all Americans

Few understand the courage required for Black Americans to stand up in this way

But millions of Black Americans are right with them…just needed their example


PayPal Punished


PP proposed policy to take $2,500 from customers who spread ‘disinformation’

  • Quickly backtracked after public outcry
  • PayPal stock took a major hit today; accounts being closed nationwide

PP actually believed it is its right and responsibility to discipline its customers who do not conform to PP’s version of truth and woke virtue

  • Far beyond outrageous…zero respect for law and private property and freedom of speech

Where does this arrogance and hubris originate—DC or Silicon Valley?

  • It is fascist/capitalist enforcement of secular religion in a totalitarian way

PayPal will hopefully be forced out of business or forced into a re-start

The backlash from this violation of trust should be terminal to PayPal


Dr. Twitter Threatens America’s Health


Twitter took down the accounts of…

  • Peter McCullough – one of the most credentialed, published, respected cardiologists in the world; and
  • Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo

…because both are raising serious and legitimate questions—based on medical data and analysis—about the safety and efficacy of covid vaccines

Who made Twitter the judge and decider of medical science?

Twitter’s censorship actions, in light of its heavily rumored connections to American intelligence agencies, raises enormous red flags

WHAT is the agenda of Big tech and the Deep State?