Why It Matters – The October 11th Show

Why It Matters – The October 11th Show

Tulsi speaks for Many Women & Democrats


Tulsi Gabbard’s withdrawal from Democrat Party is good for America on many levels

  • Prominent woman’s rejection of leftism encourages/validates others who feel the same way
  • Her reasons are all about substance and not personality
    • War-mongering
    • Open borders
    • Hostility to faith and spirituality
    • Racialization of all issues
  • She is highlighting the problem as an ‘elitist cabal’…which applies to entire Uniparty
  • Timely message*** to add momentum to a ‘red wave’ in November

***Be sure you are registered to vote in your state!!! 

Today is the last day to be sure!!!

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Election 2022 is a Battle For America


Americans MUST understand November 8 as ‘existential’ for survival of freedom in USA

“MAGA” is really not about Trump and it is not about GOP

…but it is definitely about COMPLETE REJECTION of the Biden agenda

JD Vance in Ohio delivered tremendous ‘open border’ rebuke to Ryan and Dems

Alaska seems on its way to removing RINO, impeach-Trump voter Lisa Murkowski*

*Murkowski has never discerned the anti-Trump forces as enemies of America

“Competitive’ House races show a 55-34 leaning toward GOP

Americans are awake and MUST get out and vote…ON ELECTION DAY and not early


Relentless Diligence on Election Fraud


The Konnech story is developing more and more

  • Konnech CEO had left cell phone behind when arrested on his way to airport
  • Konnech software in multiple US jurisdictions definitively linked to China servers

Inescapable, irrefutable conclusion from Konnech data already known:

The CCP penetrated US election system software prior to 2020 Election

Every state legislature and every state legislator should be all over this

Every vestige of Konnech involvement in any state should be expunged, immediately

  • Americans MUST ask: if legislators are NOT acting to remove Konnech, WHY???!!!

Cyber experts call Konnech discovery 10X more important than 2000 Mules

  Radical election integrity reform must occur—banish voting machines—or USA is lost