Why It Matters – The October 12th Show

Why It Matters – The October 12th Show

Pfizer NEVER Checked If Vax Stopped Transmission


Viral video from EU – Netherlands Rep exchange with Pfizer executive

  • Pfizer executive emphatic that NO tests were done (prior to global roll-out) to determine whether vaccines would stop covid transmission—i.e., ‘stop the spread’
  • Consider how many ‘experts’ demanded mandatory public vaccination to ‘protect others’
  • Consider how many businesses destroyed and jobs/careers lost for refusing vaccines

And now the world knows:  Pfizer had ZERO basis for claiming vaccination would protect others

  • EU rep today called it: “the biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind

Will Fauci, Birx, Wallensky, et. al., claim they were misled by Pfizer?  If not…likely they knew, too

There MUST be accountability for deaths and damages caused by lies and liars

The punishment MUST fit the crimes


Pandemic of Vaccine Mind Control


Judicial Watch forced disclosure of HHS emails showing mammoth government-coordinated and funded effort to convince Americans to take the vaccines

  • Screenwriters and comedians, church leaders, black doctors, social media influencers

…all bought and paid for

Americans would grant broad leeway to their government IF government officials were:

  • Honestly taken by surprise by covid
  • Honestly fearful covid was lethal, and that there were no alternative treatments
  • Honestly certain vaccines would stop transmission

But the data is emerging to show:


Ramifications of this fraud + mind control operation just beginning to be understood

These are revolutionary times


Pandemic of Political Lies & Persecution


Durham v. Danchenko trial reveals (again) a dishonest FBI/DOJ

  • Famous “Steele Dossier” at center of Russia collusion case v. Trump was NEVER corroborated
  • FBI offered to pay $1M to Steele if he could corroborate allegations…but he couldn’t
  • FBI/DOJ KNEW Steele Dossier was false and uncorroborated, but obtained warrants to spy on Trump campaign by falsely stating to FISA court, under oath, that Steele Dossier was legit

This FBI/DOJ behavior is not merely partisan…it constitutes criminal fraud—lying to the court

  1. All of this was done b/c Trump was a uniquely bad character?
  2. Or…was it b/c Trump threatened to drain the Swamp and expose the Swamp’s corruption?

Even many ‘hate-Trumpers’ are awakening to the reality:  the answer is #2

Open question:  where is Durham going with this?

Prosecution of Danchenko for lying to the FBI trivializes what’s been exposed

FBI wasn’t duped…they were an active participant in the HRC campaign