Why It Matters – The October 12th Show

Why It Matters – The October 12th Show

Columbus Day Perspectives


In 2020, the anti-American left/Democrat Party wants to tear down Columbus statues

The real message:  tear down America; tear down Western Civilization

American/Western Civilization’s trajectory since 1492 shows spectacular human progress

  • Freedom of worship; freedom of speech
  • Empowerment of ‘we the people’, not monarchs, rulers, or dictators
  • Affirmation of self-evident truths of individual rights from God, not from men
  • Separation of powers; limited government—with purpose to protect human freedom
  • A savage internal war fought and won…to end slavery
  • Massive movement toward equalizing of men and women
  • Victory in TWO world wars, but no imperialism or ‘conquered territory’
  • Innovation and exploration unparalleled in human history
  • Lifespan and standard of living expanded and raised, enormously


Columbus Day Perspectives


The true history of America is a history of marvelous advancement of good for mankind

America’s prosperity and success is–

  • NOT due to geography
  • NOT due to ethnicity or skin color or gender of her people
  • NOT an accident or aberration
  • NOT the result of luck

America’s prosperity and success is due to the divine inspiration and power and truth of her founding ideals…they apply to all people; they apply to all time; they are never outmoded—they are simply better understood and applied…

There is NOTHING ‘progressive’ about the radical, reactionary left

On Columbus day 2020, America is called to stay true to her founding

Answer the call! – Vote America, Vote Trump on Nov. 3rd