Why It Matters – The October 13th Show

Why It Matters – The October 13th Show

Soros-bought Prosecutor Indicts McCloskeys


Americans MUST wake up and see the big picture context

  • Louis DA Kim Gardner is in office because of George Soros’ funding
  • Gardner is implementing a radical leftist view of ‘justice’, not an American view
  • Nine people plainly guilty of ‘breaking and entering’ private property and threatening violence are allowed to walk, free of charges
  • Husband/wife under threat & protecting home against criminal trespassers are indicted
  • This is an assault on American law and order; it is abject lawlessness under color of ‘elected authority’; it is purposeful, planned destruction of the rule of law

Citizens of St. Louis, of Missouri, and of America must stop being fooled and played

If Soros is involved in promoting any group or candidate—

beware pure, anti-American, destructive intent


Senate Circus & Amy Coney Barrett


Dems’ attack on GOP for ‘court-packing’ is pure projection

  • Even CNN’s Jake Tapper knows filling a death-caused vacancy in accordance with the Constitution is not ‘court-packing’
  • Court-packing is using brute force political power to create vacancies by increasing the

size of the Court—and then filling vacancies with political agenda loyalists to achieve            majority control

This is exactly what Schumer/Pelosi are planning if Dems win

  • Dems attacks on Amy Coney Barrett are mostly about attacking Christianity

Do NOT be fooled by “Evangelicals for Biden” or other fake groups claiming

to align Christian faith with voting for the radical left/Dems

Christianity and radical leftism do not mix; will never mix


Whitmer, Covid, Race & Wray


  • Michigan Dem. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is among the most extreme in terms of imposing covid lockdowns
  • Covid tyranny is holding America hostage
  • Michigan Supreme Court declared all of her orders unconstitutional
  • People in Michigan and in all of America are right to be rebelling against covid tyranny

Fauci’s latest:  ‘maybe’ group activity toward the end of 2022????!!!!

  • The ‘militia’ alleged to have plotted against Whitmer are anarchists, BLM sympathizers—they are NOT Trump supporters; they are NOT ‘white supremacists’
  • FBI Director Wray trumpeting fears of ‘white supremacists’ is disgraceful and inexcusable

There are probably more ‘flat earthers’ than white supremacists in the USA

Marxism, socialism, leftism – these are the real threats to America

Trump needs a new FBI Director


Destroy America Agenda & Players


NONE of the rioting and destruction in American cities represents ‘organic’ or spontaneous or authentic uprising against legitimate political grievance…NONE; ZERO; NADA

…It is ALL part of a plot to overthrow America under the Constitution, being bought and paid for by, among others, the Chinese Communist Party, George Soros and their various sympathizers…this is documented…it is clear…and they are ‘all-in’ in the belief that now

is the time, not for incremental change, but for complete Marxist overthrow

…and Joe Biden is NOT standing in opposition to the CCP…Biden claimed Trump’s early blocking of flights from China was xenophobic and unnecessary…Biden does NOT identify China as a serious enemy (and his son reaped major financial benefit from China)

    Election 2020 is America vs. Anti-America…Trump is the only Pro-America choice