Why It Matters – The October 14th Show

Why It Matters – The October 14th Show

Election Polls:  NBA Viewers & Electoral College


NBA Finals—

  1. Riding the wave of BLM popularity +
  2. Most famous player on a team in a major media market (LA) +
  3. Covid puts most fans at home with nothing else to do +
  4. Most famous NBA player aligned with Biden and Democrats, hates Trump +
  5. Biden with a 10-point national polling lead

NBA Finals TV ratings would surely be through the roof, right????

Wrong…NBA Finals TV ratings historically low…about one third of last year’s…not even half of the ratings for an early season NFL Sunday night game

BLM is not popular; America is not systemically racist; Biden is not up by 10 points

   Trump’s electoral college polling strong; Trump winning popular vote in play


Colin Kaepernick Goes Radical:  No Prisons?


Kaepernick:  not enough to abolish police…must abolish prisons, too

The entirety of black experience with law enforcement is defined by racist oppression

It is never about character or law-breaking or color-blind moral responsibility

Democrats and Kaepernick are aligned, and ‘racialize’ everything

“Progressive” professors now say math is racist

It is insultingly racist to claim skin color or any group identity factor affects math, or the aptitude for excelling in math

Dems and Kaepernick are reacting to a ‘crisis’ that doesn’t exist

            America is not systemically racist

            The moral law IS universal; responsibility for obedience, and

            consequences of disobedience should not vary by human skin color

            Police and prisons are necessary to enforce the law