Why It Matters – The October 15th Show

Why It Matters – The October 15th Show

Veritas Exposes Dems’ Violent Plans


Colorado man aligned with Dems on video—

  • Openly calls for lying, cheating and stealing to win election
  • Openly calls for ‘killing a few billionaires’ like Bezos
  • Praises Antifa
  • Warns of leftists as trained and armed for post-election violence

No denouncement from any Democrat leader in Colorado or elsewhere

This IS the 2020 Democrat Party; this IS the Democrat plan for 2020

Americans must see this and reject it

It is Reagan’s prophetic ‘up’ or ‘down’ time for America


Sexual Preference” Now Offensive Say PC Language Police


  • PC groupthink reaching depraved levels
  • ACB refers to ‘sexual preference’ instead of ‘sexual orientation’, and left goes bananas

‘Preference’ implies choice; PC police say no choice involved…’made that way’

  • The reach of the Dem media/mob:

Within hours of ACB’s use of ‘sexual preference’, Webster’s online dictionary     redefines ‘sexual preference’ to be an offensive term

  • This is an all-out assault on America’s Judeo-Christian foundation

            Do not underestimate leftist intent