Why It Matters – The October 16th Show

Why It Matters – The October 16th Show

Dem Debate Doozies 

The core Dem problem:  

Life in Main Street America is good, and looking up…

            ….and is not filled with hatred of President Trump

And so…

        Steyer’s meltdown on income inequality doesn’t ring true; just sounds angry and hollow

        Warren/Sanders “Medicare for All” as a cost-free utopia isn’t believable

        Booker wanting impeachment of President Trump to be fair and bring Americans together…sets a new all-time record for a politician ‘out of touch’ with the people



Coup Via Impeachment Update 

Pelosi announces no House vote on impeachment this week

        That’s because she knows there is no case, and Dem incumbents in Trump districts are afraid to vote for impeachment

        With no House vote, House demands for witnesses or documents have no legal ‘teeth’; they are just partisan agitation/requests…which is why

Ø Pence, Pompeo and Giuliani have refused to comply with unjust demands

Ø Refusals to comply with unjust demands are not ‘obstruction of justice’

Ø The issuance of unjust demands; closed door testimony; anonymous and unconfronted whistleblower(s); and refusal to permit GOP participation ARE the obstruction of justice

Americans are coming to realize:   

There is not a shred of truth, honesty or integrity to any aspect of the ‘impeachment inquiry’; it is a fraud; a scripted political deceit that has no substantive legal merit whatsoever, but is entirely and only the latest Dem/ruling class/Deep State effort to reverse the American people’s choice in 2016 for President

The American people must rise up, make it known that they see through this charade, and demand that it stop


Lebron’s Embarrassing and Dangerous Ignorance

        LeBron James is truly one of the best basketball players in history; he is a cultural icon

        LeBron’s ‘basketball IQ’ is off the charts

        LeBron’s knowledge and understanding of world history, of American exceptionalism, of the power and privilege of individual freedom compared to the misery of collectivism and totalitarianism in all its forms, is embarrassingly lacking…he knows only what pop culture and the NBA’s lockstep PC liberalism has taught him

James means well, but an American icon spouting ignorance is destructive

Invite LeBron James to listen to America, Can We Talk?!