Why It Matters – The October 17th Show

Why It Matters – The October 17th Show

Why There are US Supporters of Hamas Brutality


NBC News reported on Hamas’s documents outlining Israel invasion plans

  • Explicit targeting of schools, kibbutz, community centers
  • Maximizing brutality, barbarity, terror
  • IDF reports 297 bodies remain unidentifiable

USA universities and media have for decades:

  • Trumpeted the ‘moral equivalence’ of all cultures…which is a completely FALSE construct
  • Obscured the true history of the region and the nature of Islamic hatred of Jews
  • Extolled victimhood and promoted outrage against imagined oppressors

RESULT:  Utterly ignorant, naïve and foolish people rally in the USA in support of the civilizational suicide represented by the embrace of Hamas

A bright spot:  Ivy league donors are dropping their financial support b/c of this morally depraved indoctrination and the consequences now evident

Not about Palestinians v. Israelis; It’s About Truth v. Lies


Leftists Lose Elections in AUS, NZ, Ecuador, AND Louisiana


“We the people” throughout the world are awakening to the deceit and depravity of the ruling class, and voting against the Leftism that always leads to tyranny

Where honest elections are possible, the people have stood up, voted and thrown out leftism/communism in Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador and the governorship of Louisiana

  • The yearning for freedom IS native to the human heart

oNo one leaves Florida for Cuba; no one left West Germany for East German; no one is migrating across the ocean to get IN to communist China

Election rigging in the USA has thwarted this yearning of the people for two decades at least

  • America’s best hope is an unimaginably massive turnout on Election Day 2024 to rectify the steal of 2020…this can be a key turning point in restoring freedom in America and the world