Why It Matters – The October 18th Show

Why It Matters – The October 18th Show



DEMS attempt their own version of Project Veritas…fail spectacularly

Caught on tape!…a House Freedom Caucus ‘R’ Rep from Arizona says electing him/R’s will:

…make sure J6 defendants are treated fairly

…[make sure] the FBI is broken up, and

…[make sure] that the House would impeach members of Biden’s administration who have clearly           violated their oath of office.

…and he says all of this while holding a baby

This is what DEMS believe will outrage and turnout their base and beat back a Red Wave

  • DEMS are unbelievably out of touch with the American people

Delaying or cancelling the election is the Dem/Deep State’s last resort…with they try it?




Kanye West’s version of Christian conservatism is driving the left crazy

JP Morgan ‘de-banks’ West…who is a billionaire…for unstated reasons

  • Timing of JPM action makes it appear retaliatory exercise of ‘cancel culture’ mindset
  • JPM’s actions a vivid example of why ‘central bank digital currency’ MUST be rejected
  • JPM + PayPal a vivid example of corporate America consenting to join regime ‘policing’
    • They’re paying a price due to public uproar, but will it be enough to cause real change?

KW also moved to buy Parler:  an early new social media effort to fight entrenched leftwing social media that was sabotaged and paralyzed early in growth phase, virtually killing it

Can Kanye West restore Parler’s momentum based on real commitment to free speech

Will Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter destroy the left’s stranglehold on propaganda?

How big will Truth Social become?

Social media wars have only begun



MAGA US Senate (Ohio) candidate JD Vance debated incumbent DEM Tim Ryan

  • Leftist ‘racialization of all things’ squarely put in play during debate

Ryan voiced DEMs constant talking point:  equating support of strong borders with racism

Vance’s reply–in context of being the father of three bi-racial children—devastating to Ryan

Vance’s reply—using ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’ to describe Ryan’s tactics—

…is EXACTLY what MAGA patriots have been waiting to hear from their candidates

JD Vance’s debate clip has gone viral…fueling the November red tsunami