Why It Matters – The October 19th Show

Why It Matters – The October 19th Show

GREAT Gender Gap News


NYT/Siena poll tracks women’s voting preferences

Most recent poll shows major shift away from DEMS

…from 59-40 for Dems in 2018 to

…47/47 even split in 2022

…women independents shift 18+ points toward GOP in the last month (Sept)

Poll-identified issues driving this shift:  Economy and Inflation

ACWT’s view based on impressions at Women for Freedom Summit on 10/15

  • Something much bigger than economic concerns is driving this shift for many women
  • Battle lines are crystallizing: Good v. evil; freedom v. communism; God v. atheism
  • Biden’s America is waking up millions to what Marxism IS and the misery it inflicts

There’s NOTHING Compassionate or Fair in evil, communism, socialism, or atheism

Women are awakening to this truth and rejecting the lies


Donald Trump = MOST Favored Politician?!


Harvard-Harris poll says Trump by far America’s most favored politician

Everyday Americans understand what elitists do not

  • Appreciation for Trump was never worship of Trump…it was and is embrace of MAGA
  • America’s politics are no longer fought on the same playing field
  • The left seeks the destruction of America and freedom. Period. Full stop.

Same jelling of what’s at stake that is occurring with women is occurring across the board

…Good v. evil; freedom v. communism; God v. atheism

  • These are not compromise-able issues; they are not equally merited
  • The side of good, freedom and God MUST win for America to survive

…the alternative is catastrophe: Reagan’s prediction of ‘a thousand years of darkness’

Trump gets it and fights…and that’s why Americans support him


The HEART of the Battle for America’s Future


  • Secure borders v. open borders
  • Energy independence v. energy dependence
  • Big Pharma control of health v. doctor/patient relationship
  • Declaration of Independence v. the 1619 Project
  • Free speech v. Big Tech/Big Govt censorship
  • Childhood innocence v. Grooming/sexualization of everyone at all ages
  • Law and order v. defund police/no prosecution of ‘small’ crimes/no bail
  • Strong military v. woke military

The list ultimately boils down to:  Good v. evil, freedom v. communism, God v. atheism

America is anchored in good, freedom, God…Americans must not give an inch to the left

The time to stand up is NOW

VOTE on November 8! (do not vote early)