Why It Matters – The October 19th Show

Why It Matters – The October 19th Show

FBI & DOJ – Dismantle and Rebuild


  • Framing of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn – falsified court documents
  • Russia collusion hoax

40 FBI agents worked on a case with no evidence, and no one blew the whistle?

Never seized DNC servers; never questioned Assange…DNC was never hacked

  • Arrest of Roger Stone

SWAT teams/frogmen and tip off to CNN…to arrest a gadfly with no violent record

  • STILL stonewalling House and Senate requests for documents
  • Christopher Wray denies bias; promotes lies about ‘white supremacy’ as a real problem

These are not the actions of institutions marked by integrity

These actions are unconscionable, soulless, anti-American

The institutions can’t be salvaged; must be dismantled and rebuilt


Biden Crime Family Exposed – Dot Connecting


  • Listen for yourself to Rudy Giuliani’s videos – it is not complicated
  • Organized crime family behavior—selling American foreign policy decisions for personal $$
  • Evidence is overwhelming

Hunter’s laptop authenticated by Biden’s lawyer asking to get it back

Emails also coming from Hunter’s business partner – confirmation/validation

Joe Biden himself on video bragging of quid pro quo to get Ukraine to look away

Joe Biden – “Pop” – taking 50% of family member salaries/earnings?

  • DNI Ratcliffe specifically confirmed: NO evidence that any of this is “Russian disinformation”
  • MSM, social media censorship & coverup of this story is astonishing

                        Will they survive intact following a Trump landslide?


Trump in CA v. Anti-American Women’s March


Biden Leading in the Polls” – the last lie of a failing MSM?

Trump in California for a private fundraiser – yet word of Trump’s motorcade path becomes

known and thousands show up to line the path IN CALIFORNIA

A woman is about to be confirmed to SCOTUS…cause for women to celebrate or riot?

Women’s March in is NOT about women, it’s about radical Leftist agenda

Everyday Americans are energized by Trump; they are fed up with their ruling class

  Turnout November 3rd for Trump will be overwhelming throughout USA