Why It Matters – The October 1st Show

Why It Matters – The October 1st Show

California Endangers Women


New law in CA—moral idiocy on steroids

Incoming, convicted inmates are asked to specify if they are transgender…so as to allow them to choose the right prison for them

REALLY:  a convicted male rapist could say he now identifies as a woman and wants to serve his time in a woman’s prison

California and America are drowning in an ocean of leftist lies –

  • Pandemic lockdowns are NOT justified by science
  • Antifa/BLM are NOT peaceful protestors
  • Mail in ballots are NOT for helping people—they are intended to facilitate election fraud
  • Climate change is NOT causing forest fires in CA or anywhere else, and is NOT causing storms
  • America is NOT a ‘systemically racist’ or systemically unjust’ country

AMERICANS – Time to step up for the truth, denounce the lies, vote TRUMP


1619 Project to 1776 Unites


The 1619 Project has the truth exactly backwards—

America is a noble country with noble ideals that have blessed all

America’s ideals propelled the nation to extinguish slavery, like no other in history

America was NOT founded to exploit anyone; its ideals lift everyone

A historical failure to properly honor patriotic black Americans who have contributed to America’s greatness should be remedied; it should not be a cause of destruction or permanent condemnation of the country

Both The 1619 Project and BLM are quietly scrubbing their websites—but not their organizations—of the poison of promoting racial divisiveness and destruction of the

nuclear family…because these ideas don’t sell to most black Americans



Women:  Man Up in 2020


The Leftist message to women is VERY SIMILAR to the Leftist message to black Americans:

You are weak, helpless, victims and America is unfair to you. You need BIG GOV !

You are easily offended – and we’ll tell you when to be offended

TRUTH about Women? We are strong, capable and competent – Amy Coney Barrett explodes the narrative. We can be pro-life, pro-family, professional and successful

Strong women complement strong men; they do not fear them or hate them

2020 election should mark the beginnings of a major #FeminExit

from the Democrats and left

Strong women vote for freedom, for America, for Trump