Why It Matters – The October 20th Show

Why It Matters – The October 20th Show

“Science is Settled” – Says Kamala to Amy


  • Kamala Harris voices leftist dogma – climate change is real, is caused by man, and therefore all of man’s activities must be controlled by central govt with Green New Deal
  • Harris tried to bait ACB with ‘just like covid is contagious…cigarettes cause cancer…and climate change dogma of the left…all are ‘settled’’ ACB didn’t bite

REALITY:  Climate is always changing…has been hotter and colder, drier and wetter in varying cycles over millennia…effect of modern human activity on climate is not understood with precision or predictability…there is no man-made climate thermostat to adjust

Climate alarmism for the purpose of forwarding a leftist totalitarian takeover is NOT science


Dems’ Truth & Reconciliation Comm. Coming to USA


  • “Truth & Reconciliation Commissions” arose in South Africa and Rwanda

Responses to the end of apartheid and tribal genocide

Based on a sense of clear wrong and clear right

  • That the American Left categorizes Trump and Trump supporters as indefensible reprobates who need to be brought before a Commission to confess their wrong thoughts and behavior ought to frighten and trouble every American with a conscience
  • President Trump stands for love of America as founded…

…with ‘we the people’ self-governing under God

  • Not amoral, secular ruling class/Deep State elites and bureaucrats controlling the masses

            Dems are exposed as never before as radical America-hating leftists


DOJ Sues Google


  • Google’s control of internet search far exceeds the monopoly power of petroleum

companies—which was the original impetus for American antitrust law

  • The control of internet search is the control of knowledge and information

It is ultimately the control of thought…

…the most dangerous and consequential form of control there is

  • Google has demonstrated willingness and intent to exercise thought-control in the

manner they define as ‘correct’

The DOJ is right to sue Google…a breakup of internet search monopoly…is the MINIMUM remedy needed