Why It Matters – The October 21st Show

Why It Matters – The October 21st Show

Covid Cancels Thanksgiving, Sports & School


“Covid” has become all politics, all the time…

…lockdowns & restrictions NOT justified by data and seemingly unrelated to ‘science’ or public health.  “No Thanksgiving for you” orders are waking people up!

  • Recoveries—even quick recoveries—are the norm, not the exception
  • Effective therapies—HCQ, budesonide, Regeneron, others—are abundant, not scarce
  • Lethality rates are comparatively VERY LOW, not high
  • “Science” is not defined or limited by one man; and is not determined by politics

Fauci is one among many knowledgeable experts, and he is a man of the hard left

Americans sense that ‘covid panic porn’ is getting old and unpersuasive

Americans are resilient, and love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Regulating Thanksgiving gatherings may be a tipping point

a majority of Americans may finally reject the whole fear pandemic


Hunter’s Laptop = Joe’s Demise?


The magnitude of suppression and denial efforts signal the importance of laptop content

– DNI and FBI separately confirm:  Hunter’s content NOT Russian disinformation

Simple conclusions:

  1. Joe Biden was and is ‘on the take’ from Communist China, and was and maybe still is blackmailable based on Hunter’s photographed behavior
  2. Joe Biden appears to be exactly what the left/Deep State falsely accused—without any evidence—Donald Trump of being: effectively, an agent of a foreign power

The call to American patriots has never been clearer

Either President Trump is re-elected

or America is LED by a TRUE puppet of China and Russia AND

By aggressive leftism/communism/secularism