Why It Matters – The October 21st Show

Why It Matters – The October 21st Show

Trump’s Dallas Rally

Trump’s Rally in Dallas on Thursday, October 17

Ø 50,000+ people for a 22,000+ seat venue

Ø 20+% Democrats

Ø Rock concert-level energy

The spirit is palpable and good-natured; it is one of joy, excitement, love for America

…not anything remotely resembling anger or hate or mass mesmerism

The American people are rallying to their sense of President Trump’s love for America

Pearl-clutchers like Peggy Noonan and Mitt Romney have lost touch with the people

Trump supporters are NOT deplorable; they are the salt of the earth


The Bedrock of America

Why It Matters to You

Gender ‘reassignment’ is one thing for adults willing to pay for it

Bringing family courts into transgendering decisions imposed on children is quite another

•        7 year old children have not experienced puberty, which research establishes as the time when the vast majority of gender confusion is resolved by nature

•        Puberty-blocking drugs are unconscionable for this reason, and should be banned

•        Divorce/custody disputes should NEVER be allowed to permit or require a judge OR a jury to decide whether gender reassignment treatment is right; it simply should not be a subject for decision except by the affected individual after age 21


Atheism & America’s Roots

The Founders did not want a nation free from religion (study the Founders Bible)

They felt a self-governing people could not survive without religiously-based morals

            …They wanted a nation free from a state compelled religion

            …The Judeo-Christian values that informed the founders, protect EVERYONE

The result:

•        Individuals in America are free to be atheists…

            …because of America’s Judeo-Christian foundation

•        The Secularist movement in America is INTOLERANT and in fact DISDAINFUL of Individuals in America who wish to practice their faith. 

            They would destroy religious freedom.