Why It Matters – The October 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The October 22nd Show

Bobulinski Busts Biden


Tony Bobulinski was Hunter Biden’s business partner—

Third generation US military veteran

“Not a political person”; his few political donations have been to Democrats

Offended by Joe Biden’s dishonest denial of talking about business deals with Hunter

Has stepped forward publicly to confirm authenticity of emails showing Joe Biden’s active involvement in Hunter’s business activities with communist China

Conclusion inescapable:  Joe Biden personally profited from sale of his US office/influence

The ‘good guy’ ‘decent guy’ narrative as to Joe Biden is shattered

Material, brazen lies about quintessential swamp behavior—that’s what elected Trump!

     In saner times, Joe Biden would withdraw from the debate and the election—

                                What will Dems tell Biden to do?  Who decides?


Trump & A Statesman-Like Debate


What is statesman-like in any setting depends on context—

Tonight’s debate—

Yet another leftwing partisan as ‘moderator’

Already maneuvering by “Commission” to change topics away from foreign policy

Transparently trying to protect Biden

Commission introducing ‘mute’ button—intended to muzzle Trump

Follows a 60 Minutes ambush interview of Trump

Trump released unedited version to expose CBS bias/partisanship

Follows Coup #1 (Russia); Coup #2 (Impeachment scam); and Coup #3 (pandemic politics)

         A mild-mannered response to these outrages is not the response of a leader

                Trump has every right to be angry and to fight—and he likely will