Why It Matters – The October 25th Show

Why It Matters – The October 25th Show

‘Let’s Go Brandon’


  • NASCAR/MSM reporter wants to deny what the crowd is shouting (“F*** Joe Biden”)…suggests the alternative “Let’s Go Brandon” – …and the rest is history

FJB chants at public events are not stopping; they are spreading

EVERYONE knows what ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ means; YT is helpless to decree it away

  • Bryson Gray’s song taken down by YouTube for ‘medical misinformation’ – jab doesn’t

stop the spread (which is true)…but the American people find the song anyway

  • Country singer Aaron Lewis’ “Am I the Only One?” going viral; will bring tears to your eyes

Popular sentiment is raging against Joe Biden…his agenda wasn’t chosen; he wasn’t elected…

the American people are awakening to the fact:  the emperor has no clothes

Big Tech arrogance is breathtaking…they think their censorship efforts will put the American people back to sleep….NOT GOING TO HAPPEN


Michale Graves’ CANCELED Musician


Punk rocker Michale Graves is popular for his music, but he’s a pro-MAGA punk-rocker

Leftist mobs go into overdrive targeting Graves’ venues to cancel his concerts

Many venues go limp……and the mobs appear to win

But cancel culture is not winning converts…it is waking up many newcomers to the stakes

            Freedom is being re-learned across America, and in every generation

The American people have the power to stop the destruction of their country

            They just have to see it, understand it, and stand up and stop it


Canceled America Rising Up


  • NSBA retracts and apologizes for their letter targeting parents as domestic terrorists

Retraction and apology driven by enormous push-back across the country

  • Sheriffs’ conference in Texas this weekend: Sheriffs ARE standing up to fill the void of Biden’s border lawlessness and unconstitutional injection mandates
  • Southwest Airlines shamed by its own employees…founder Herb Kelleher built the airline around simple love of freedom…employees pushed back on injection mandates, and current management appears to have backed down

Totalitarian leftist mobs are not as strong as they and the media want you to believe

Freedom-loving Americans have the majority power; they just need to exercise it