Why It Matters – The October 26th Show

Why It Matters – The October 26th Show

VA Governor’s Race: School Rape & Parents’ Rights


  • Obama goes to VA to denounce ‘fake outrage’ of parents over convicted rapist who took advantage of boys-in-girls’-bathrooms insanity
  • Dem McAuliffe on record dismissing parents’ rights to challenge school boards
  • VA Dems are testing the limits of election theft; their audacity knows no bounds

Barely any remaining straight-faced argument that Virginians support the Dem agenda

But lawless distribution of mail-in ballots (omitting SocSec numbers) and waiver/ignoring of signature authentication requirements proliferates

Will Virginians accept an election result that feels like an ‘installation’ of McAuliffe?

Find out next week…


Dems Auditing Innocent Americans Bank Accounts


  • Dems pressing for $600 threshold for wide open IRS monitoring of taxpayer bank accounts

May cave to pressure and raise the threshold to $10K

  • But the Dem perspective is radical, and freedom-altering

Abandons the requirement of ‘probable cause’ to suspect law-breaking that justifies search of private records

A government with warrantless search authority over all the people all the time is tyranny exemplified

The people are no longer sovereign and free and entitled to privacy

They are subjects of the government

Americans must wake up to the massive, freedom-destroying implications of this Dem effort

It should be unconscionable in America