Why It Matters – The October 26th Show

Why It Matters – The October 26th Show

Could Amy Coney Barrett Hurt America?


  • Reverence for the uniqueness and exceptional nature of the Declaration and Constitution ought to be the singular essential qualification for any Justice of the Supreme Court

ACB has it; John Roberts has lost it (assuming he ever had it)

  • Knockdown, drag out SCOTUS nomination fights are entirely due to the fact the left views activist judges as the means for implementing policies that the legislative branch would never support because the people who elected them don’t support such policies
  • A ‘Constitutionalist’ or ‘originalist’ like ACB restores SCOTUS to following the Constitution, not re-imagining it…which helps restore the three branches of government to following the Constitution…which helps restore America as a constitutional Republic .. Which preserves the fundamental role of We the Pepople

ACB can be a positive force for restoring America; she should be confirmed


What Biden Could Do in 4 Years


Biden’s covid policies are an extreme danger signal—Biden is aware of the pandemic ‘opportunity’ to reset American freedom and move farther toward govt-controlled medicine

Mask mandates + Big Tech censorship of covid remedies = Totalitarian govt

In line with covid tactics—and all doable in four years or less (esp. if Harris in charge)

  • ‘Climate change’ as the excuse to ban fossil fuels & control housing, transportation, energy
  • Big Tech/MSM censorship in covid and Hunter laptop arenas signal the path to censorship and control of free speech (can’t say what Big Tech says violates their standards) and free press (MSM permanently ingrained as Orwellian voice of the state, with other voices sanctioned or banned)
  • Eviscerate the Second Amendment through controls for ‘safety’ and ‘public health’

Besides all that…$4 Trillion in new taxes; average household immediately down $6K…with more to come…

            Biden’s agenda is catastrophic for America and Freedom…in <4 years


Polls, Rallies and Violence in Post-Election America


  • The election is the only poll that counts, and it has not yet taken place
  • Trump rallies have and are continuing to take place—with or w/o Trump’s presence

Enormous crowds; two-mile waiting lines; spontaneous boat parades, car parades, patriot marches…the eyes do NOT deceive; polls can and do deceive

  • Election Day turnout for Trump may be historically high
  • In a fair election free of fraud, Trump would win in a landslide (52% approval rating)
  • Polls and MSM coverage conditioning and justifying post-election unrest if Trump wins

    Show up and vote for Trump Nov. 3rd; a landslide is a force for law & order