Why It Matters – The October 27th Show

Why It Matters – The October 27th Show

Fire Fighters: Call it Communism!


  • Epoch Times feature on NYC protest by police/firefighters includes revealing PHOTOS

The protest signs are NOT all about vaccine mandates

The protest signs are against the spread of communism

  • Police, firefighters and American people everywhere are connecting the dots…
  • Pandemic fear-mongering is for the purpose of engineering the fundamental transformation of America

1) Away from individual freedom and God-given rights, w/a govt supposed to protect those rights

2) To the end of individual freedom and sovereignty, replaced by masses under govt control

This is what is meant by communist takeover

Leftists believe most people are sheep, and can be controlled by fear

Americans have a unique heritage that won’t bow to fear

America isn’t done…stay awake, and awaken others!


Fauci: Puppy But Not People Outrage


NIH’s experiments with monkeys and puppies are awakening outrage toward Fauci

They are debased, cruel and should be stopped


  • What about Fauci’s proven lies to Congress about gain of function research?
  • What about Fauci’s willful disregard and denial of reputable studies endorsing effective early covid treatments such as HCQ and budesonide and ivermectin?
  • What about Fauci’s willful disregard of the Great Barrington Declaration – now signed by over 680,000 doctors and healthcare workers worldwide protesting/disputing NIH/CDC protocols
  • Why is there even talk of ‘mandating’ any injection for a disease with 99+% recovery rate?
  • Why is there even talk of ‘mandating’ vaccines for children—where data shows very little risk of infection and almost ZERO risk of death AND high risk of serious adverse side effects?

Pandemic hysteria has prompted dismissal of all logic, reason and medical science

‘Faucism’ is not about public health; it is about public control