Why It Matters – The October 27th Show

Why It Matters – The October 27th Show

Dark Winter of Politicized Medicine


  • No one has or can have a ‘plan’ to end a virus; viruses typically dissipate and end themselves
  • “Cases” fatalities or hospitalizations; CDC has documented very high recovery rates
  • Multiple covid therapies—HCQ and budesonide among them—are proving efficacious by reputable physicians across the USA and throughout the world; studies back them up
    • Yet Big Tech, MSM and Democrat Party smother all hopeful or positive news of any kind

(takedown of Walton video re pandemic overreaction)

  • State medical boards and hospital boards act to prohibit use of effective covid therapies

We are witnessing actions driven by a leftist/totalitarian political agenda, not by science

Relentless, ugly stoking fear of covid is a leftist priority…preserving lockdowns;

dehumanizing and de-socializing Americans; attacking the spirit of freedom,

self-reliance and self-govt; turning Americans into snitches and sheeple


Impending Post-Election Violence


  • Leftists are making no secret of plans to engage in post-election vigilante-ism

Trump donors being ID’d by zip code for follow up intimidation/vandalism

Texas sending troops to five major cities to keep order post-election

Washington DC businesses boarding up in anticipation of rioting

Third world “vote and hide” coming to America?

The left won’t ‘leave everyone alone’ if Biden wins; they are about Marxist revolution

  • The will of the American people CAN STOP THIS; politicians will bow to the people’s message
  • There are vastly more Americans who love the USA than there are violent Marxists who hate it
  • BUT…’we the people’ MUST STAND UP for America—

            …for freedom and civility…for law and order…

            …for individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

                                                UNDER GOD