Why It Matters – The October 29th Show

Why It Matters – The October 29th Show

How Could a Woman Vote for Trump?


Issues that matter to women—

  1. Personal safety/security – Support the police; Defend, (improve if needed) NOT defund!
  2. Community safety/security – Support the Wall, secure borders, ICE, End Sanctuary Cities
  3. National safety and security – Support and fund military, restore sovereignty
  4. Better education – Support school choice for all parents/families
  5. Better healthcare – Support free market solutions, not socialized medicine
  6. Strong economy + jobs – Support low taxes, energy independence, deregulation, domestic (not Chinese) manufacturing
  7. Freedom under the Constitution – Support BOR & ‘originalist’ justices like ACB
  8. Respect! Leftists ALWAYS assume women are helpless victims … SO insulting!

Actions & results matter— President Trump’s policies have delivered positive results on issues that matter to women

The ‘gender gap’ should flip for Trump in 2020


Philadelphia and Brooklyn Riots – Who’s to Blame?


  • Every officer-involved shooting in the USA will be vigorously investigated, and no decisions have been made in Philadelphia as to charging or not charging officers involved…so why rioting now?
  • Answer: rioting in Philadelphia and in Brooklyn (regarding Philadelphia) is not organic; it is stoked and likely paid for by the Democrat/Left

Per Sidney Powell in American Thinker—

There are no MAGA people rioting

There are no restaurant customers who fear MAGA ralliers

There are no city blocks being destroyed by MAGA supporters

The suggestion that these riots are caused by President Trump is ludicrous

The Democrat Party OWNS this lawlessness; they encourage it, do not denounce it

There will be more lawlessness, not less, if Biden were to be elected