Why It Matters – The October 29th Show

Why It Matters – The October 29th Show

Trump in Chicago; Police Supt. Not

Increasingly, Americans are at “A Time for Choosing”

Chicago –

Ø A strict gun control environment

Ø A sanctuary city

Ø A murder rate that is the highest of any major American city

q Often…more people are murdered on a weekend in Chicago than are killed in ‘mass’ shooting incidents

And in this environment, the Chicago Police Superintendent no-shows at a Police Union event because President Trump doesn’t share his values????  What values???

Americans share President Trump’s commitment to law enforcement

Officials Everywhere Need to Stop Bowing to PC/SJW Nonsense


Sandmann v. WaPo Reopened

        No one—including media—should be immune from responsibility for deliberate deceit

        The WaPo falsely denigrated an innocent teenager who was in no way a public figure

        Not even the First Amendment should protect such conscious malfeasance

        BUT calls for curtailing free speech can be dangerous.   Slippery slopes on freedom of speech and press can lead to censoring and silencing of the American political conversation.


Leftist Lies about Socialism are Dangerous

        Recent polling data says 33% of American millennials would vote for a Communist

Ø This isn’t harmless ignorance; it’s dangerous to our future

Ø This can drive irreversible damage to individual freedom for everyone

Ø Socialism (& Communism!) -“mainstreamed” by academia and the radical Left

        Needed to fix this:

        Better education- teaching that socialism destroys liberty, opportunity and prosperity

        A re-awakening to the enabling and ‘ennobling’ power of liberty, as a right from our Creator, is needed in America.

“If we ever forget we are One Nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”   President Ronald Reagan


Bowing to Islamization

        SCOTUS declines to hear a Christian school girl’s objection to forced recitation of Islamic conversion script (shahada)… yet our courts routinely silence or limit Christianity

        A Minnesota city council authorizes taxpayer-funded creation of an “African village,” builds wall to keep non-residents out of Somali-Islamic majority public housing, AND subsidizes Somalis when they travel back to Somalia & can’t pay their rent.

            State-sanctioned balkanization of America?

        America permits Turkey’s jihadist president Erdogan to fund Muslim Brotherhood mosques in America

This IS what Islamization looks like