Why It Matters – The October 31st Show

Why It Matters – The October 31st Show

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s First Bold Move


Speaker’s proposal:  Carve $14B out of IRS funding to aid Israel and possibly Ukraine

  • This is long overdue firm opposition to Biden, wrapped in tactical brilliance

Jen Psaki is frightened by Johnson as a man who studies and learns from the Bible

  • Every founding father honored the Bible…that’s why the Declaration says what it says
  • Speaker Johnson is aligned with the mainstream of America; Jen Psaki is not

Speaker Johnson’s election massively vindicated Matt Gaetz

  • Gaetz may not have predicted Johnson’s emergence, but taking a stand against McCarthy was a stand against ruling class/Deep State elitism; Gaetz’ courage enabled positive change
  • All the “GOP is in chaos!” talk has disappeared…and the Dems are in a panic over a Speaker unafraid to voice principled, firm opposition to their agenda

Speaker Johnson may become an historically consequential figure


Biden Fighting Hard to Destroy Border Security


Texas AG Paxton had to file a lawsuit to STOP fed govt from cutting Texas border wire

Again:  Texas AG Paxton had to file a lawsuit to STOP fed govt from cutting Texas border wire

There is no conceivable pro-American justification for what Biden is doing at the border

  • Overwhelming majority of Americans do NOT want what Biden is doing at the border
  • Yet every Democrat remains in lockstep support of what Biden is doing

Americans must storm the ballot boxes in November 2024 to STOP this invasion


NEVER AGAIN is Happening Again


Parallels to Germany in late 1930’s are unmistakable and deeply disturbing

Humanity’s global WW2 rallying cry after discovering Auschwitz, et. al. was “NEVER AGAIN

  • Yet find and ‘kill the Jews’ because they are Jews is a theme visible in many US cities
  • Appears to be the thinking of a pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party
  • US college campuses are cesspools of Jew-hatred…college leaders are largely passive and ineffective in reversing this malicious and malignant thinking

Millions have virtue-signaled disgust with why the German people did not speak up in 1939

  • Where are they now?

Anti-semitism is rooted in secular intellectualism’s hatred of the God of the Bible

A world governed by secular intellectualism is a dark and dangerous place


“Trump Can’t Win”??


Don’t be taken in by media narratives…about anything

ØTrump won in 2016

ØTrump won by an even bigger margin in 2020 (see the work of Dr. Douglas Frank)

ØTrump will bring in millions of new voters of all kinds…that no other candidate attracts

There is no part of the Biden agenda that a majority of Americans support

  • Not even the wine-sipping soccer moms constituency wants an open border or threats of WW3 or trans-ideology

There is zero chance Joe Biden received 81 million legitimate votes in 2020

  • Where are the Biden rallies reflecting the most popular US vote-getter in history?

Uniparty/Deep State KNOWS Trump can and will win; that’s why they are trying to put him in jail

Americans are not Trump sycophants; they are American Patriots