Why It Matters – The October 31st Show

Why It Matters – The October 31st Show

Austin/LGBT Indoctrination

Austin TX school board approves sex-ed curriculum for grades 3-8 that teaches:

Ø Gender is not biological, but a matter of feelings

Ø Abandoning use of ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, or ‘mother’ and ‘father’

Ø Encouraging children to attend LGBT rallies and parades

This is imposing Leftist Secularism as truth; everyone shall be taught correct thinking

Driving God, faith, and the role of parents and family out of the American culture


        Speak up in your schools & communities

        Attend school bd mtgs, run for school board, VOTE in school board elections

        Home-school, or choose an appropriate private school


Whistleblower & Impeachment – A Power Grab

        ‘Whistleblower” finally outed?  33 year old Obama holdover; colleague of John Brennan

            Ukrainian issue as a basis for impeachment is a concocted plot; a total fraud

        The Russia Collusion Hoax and the Whistleblower/Ukraine fraud are coup plots designed and carried out by the same actors with the same motives…take down Trump

        ‘Critical mass’/momentum is building toward a massive outing of the truth  with the Barr/Durham investigations.  The impeachment effort is also a distraction mission

        Overwhelming evidence of a conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected President…

            Read Lee Smith’s “The Plot Against the President”

JUST letting this go is NOT an option


Trump’s Nationalism v. Left’s Globalism

American nationalism is not xenophobic, tribal, or racist—

            It is the affirmation of the right ideas that created American exceptionalism

***Individual freedom, dignity, and inalienable rights from God…

…to be protected, not interfered with, by government***


ü This American ideal is unique in all of human history

ü It is NOT remotely universal or ‘global’ among the nations of the world

ü It MUST be protected in every policy arena; borders, tax, trade, & immigration, military power, education

ü The idea of American citizenship matters; ‘global citizen’ has no meaning


Speech Codes Manipulate Thinking

In NYC, uttering the words ‘illegal alien’ can get you fined…

        Being in this country without a legal right to be here—”illegal”

        A non-citizen foreigner in this country is an—“alien”

Ø Fining people for the use of words the Left dislikes is an unconstitutional attack on free speech

Ø Purpose of speech codes is to manipulate thinking—enforce Leftism, silence thinking

Ø Purpose of outlawing the words “illegal alien” is to cause people to shift their views to the Leftist worldview, including breaking down the idea and valuing of American citizenship, and get cozier with the idea of globalism

FIGHT for FREE SPEECH in every corner of America!