Why It Matters – The October 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The October 3rd Show

Stealing Elections via Media Manipulation: UN & Climate Censoring


UN official openly acknowledges collaboration with Google to control access to ‘approved’ climate change studies—i.e., to ‘fix’ the first few pages of search results…

…because ‘we (the UN) own the science’ – stunning arrogance and ignorance from the UN

Govt/Big Tech collaboration in support of censorship:  a totalitarian effort to define truth

Unrestrained competition in the ‘marketplace of ideas’—not censorship—allows

truth to emerge

True miracle:  despite Govt/Big Tech totalitarian behavior, truth is getting out, and prevailing

The UN doesn’t own any science…the FDA/NIH don’t own any science

Science and politics do not mix, and truth does not have an agenda

…and the people of the world know this


Sweden, Italy, now Brazil – The Freedom Election Trend


President Bolsonaro is a Trump-style populist, anti-globalist…also like Meloni in Italy

  • Draws rally crowds even bigger than Trump rallies

Leftist/New World Order/globalist faction in Brazil adopted common strategy

  • Run multiple right-leaning but fake populists on the conservative side, splitting the vote
  • Keep Bolsonaro well under 50%, and hope leftist candidate can achieve 50%
  • Strong whiff of election-rigging software at work in Brazil – 21% ‘absentee ballots’???
  • Actual results:

Bolsonaro outperformed expectations; leftist opponent did NOT achieve 50%

Runoff at end of October will likely favor Bolsonaro

BOTTOM LINE:  Ordinary people around the world are sensing the totalitarian threat

represented by globalism/NWO, and are rallying to freedom and truth…

…and their numbers are swamping the capacities of rigged voting machines


Hurricane Hack Kamala


VP Harris openly embraces prioritizing hurricane relief to ‘communities of color’

Stunning level of robotic repetition of leftist talking points in all settings

Profoundly anti-American in sentiment and substance

  • Americans prioritize relief to those most in need, regardless of ANY physical characteristic such as skin color, age or gender; it is repulsive to even suggest otherwise

Harris is unwittingly making the American awakening bigger and stronger

  • Americans do NOT want their leaders talking or thinking like this

Probably not a coincidence that talk of replacing Harris as VP is on the rise


Judge Orders Seth Rich laptop release: Justice Coming?


Seth Rich was a young Bernie Sanders supporter and DNC staffer in Washington DC

  • Widely known to be disgruntled with DNC’s treatment of Sanders
  • Essentially acknowledged by Julian Assange as Wikileaks’ source of DNC emails in 2016
  • Gunned down in DC in 2016 in what authorities called a ‘botched robbery’

…but nothing was stolen from his person

True story of Seth Rich’s life and murder seems to put the lie to the entirety of

the Russians hacked the DNC” narrative that was the foundation of Russia Collusion Hoax

FBI refused to release contents of Seth Rich’s laptop…now ordered by a judge to do so

Will FBI produce it?  Modify it?  Claim it is lost?

This is one more test of FBI integrity

Few have any hopes for honesty from weaponized/politicized FBI


XI Forever & Chinese Police in America


China under CCP reportedly arrested/detained 1.43M people in runup to conference planning to appoint Xi Jinping as ‘President for life’

China under CCP operating Chinese police outlets in continental US and Canada

  • Reportedly to keep tabs on Chinese nationals living in USA

but what else?

2-3 younger generations of Americans are slowly waking up to reality

  • Communism, and especially the CCP, are enemies of America, freedom and faith

Will enough Americans wake up in time and find the will to resist?

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