Why It Matters – The October 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The October 3rd Show

“NO” to Trans Delusions – A WIN


Nat’l Fed. of Republican Women rebelled against ‘trans’ imposition

  • Incumbent NFRW leaders acquiesced and in some cases supported men as women members
  • Grassroots NFRW members proposed an alternative set of new NFRW leaders
  • NFRW convention results: major shakeup/replacement of incumbent leaders

This is a signal of growing resolve among Americans across many issues

Attempt to unseat incumbent leaders en masse is rare

  • Early expectations were that uprising against trans ideology would fail
  • BUT…NFRW rank-and-file members have had enough…they said NO

If America is to be saved, it will be because ordinary patriots rise and say NO

to everything the left is doing…no compromise…no middle ground…just “NO”

NFRW ladies have set an encouraging example


Government Set up Proud Boys Leader?


New evidence Feds wrote a right-wing manifesto, then planted it as evidence against certain J6 defendants to make them appear ‘extreme’ and dangerous

…leading to convictions and sentencing severity

Feds did not disclose this to lawyers for J6 defendants or to judges hearing the cases

This Fed behavior should ‘shock the conscience’ of every decent American

  • It is inexcusably dishonest, unjust, unmerciful, outrageous
  • J6 defendants affected by this Fed behavior should be instantly released and pardoned, and reparations should be paid to them for their expenses and lost earnings

This is why there are calls for the complete start-over of the DOJ and FBI

They are irreparably corrupt


Matt Gaetz is Right on McCarthy


Gaetz is in touch with the mood of the American people

  • McCarthy and the Beltway are not

McCarthy has in fact broken the agreement that allowed him to be elected Speaker

  • The ‘kick the can’ spending-by-continuing-resolution has in fact destroyed any semblance of Congressional fiscal responsibility…and cannot be sustained

Beltway Uniparty and establishment media want to define everything in personal terms

  • Heated political disagreements inevitably create personal friction, but Gaetz reflects the sentiments of millions of Americans: the system is plainly broken; the people are NOT being heard; the status quo is unsustainable

Gaetz’ actions may break the status quo, and could accelerate negative economic effects

But they will not be the cause of those effects

…the cause is an irresponsible, out of touch ruling class


Trump Trials:  Tyranny that Threatens All of Us


Tucker Carlson and Victor Davis Hanson teamed up on a sober, reflective assessment of the political persecution and prosecution of Donald Trump…well worth listening to

America under the radical left is entering extremely dangerous territory

  • Kangaroo courts are transparent mockeries of justice and wisdom and fairness
  • Current NYC mess involves no one damaged, no one claiming harm of any kind…but govt action to require Trump to forfeit assets and rights to conduct business
  • Everyone knows these cases are baseless as a matter of law, but they are being pursued to destroy a political opponent
  • They are precursors of the way this govt intends to treat all those it views as political opponents guilty of wrong-think as to any issue they have decided

This is dark, angry totalitarian tyranny that must be stopped and reversed

what will Americans do?