Why It Matters – The October 4th Show

Why It Matters – The October 4th Show

Scheller the Hero?


The story of Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

  • Publicly denounced lack of military accountability for disastrous Afghan withdrawal
  • Soon arrested and put in the brig, now facing court-martial
  • Patriots donated $2M to help defend him
  • Spouts off negatively about Trump for failing to unite the country; disses Trump supporters

Scheller is brave; he is putting his military career on the line for the right and righteous idea of accountability; he’s politically naïve, but entitled to his opinion

Scheller is a throwback soldier—he’s loyal to his oath

and is speaking truth to his military superiors

The US military needs more like him


Climate, Covid, Christmas & Fauci  


Fauci claims authority to decide whether Americans can gather for Christmas in 2021

Americans are tuning him out—

Fauci was never elected to anything, and has no constitutional authority over anyone…

…but more importantly…


  • Covid has a 99+% recover rate for almost everyone
  • Covid vaccines show reported deaths and serious adverse effects at high, unprecedented levels that never before were considered ‘safe’
  • India’s demonstrated, effective use of ivermectin in a province of >250M people puts the lie to the mandatory vaccine narrative (as do studies with budesonide and HCQ)

Americans are right to stop listening to Fauci


Lies and Hoaxes are Tools of the Left


  • Missouri high school’s racist graffiti…turns out to be written by a black student
  • Georgia “KKK” style threats…turn out to be written by a black woman
  • NASCAR ‘hangman’s noose’…turns out to be garage door ‘pull’
  • Jussie Smollett attack…turns out to be totally staged

Comey/Wray and others citing ‘white supremacy’ as America’s top problem…are just voices of the left using tools of the left—lies and hoaxes—to achieve and maintain power

Covid and climate change are two more tools of the left…attempts to play on sincere Americans who initially defer to ‘experts’…and then use that deference to take away freedom before enough Americans notice

Always recall:  if lies and hoaxes are needed to maintain Leftist narratives…

The narratives themselves are bogus