Why It Matters – The October 5th Show

Why It Matters – The October 5th Show

FBI Targets Parents


  • Nat’l School Board Assn president pens letter complaining about parents opposing Covid policies and CRT, Claims CRT is a college topic, not taught in K-12
  • AG Garland responds with instructions to FBI to investigate American school board meetings for threats of violence
  • Threats of violence against school boards would be wrong and out of line, but there is very little evidence of such behavior…this is about leftist weaponization of law enforcement to intimidate and silence critics
  • American parents don’t want their children taught to (1) hate America, or (2) hate others because of the color of their skin…and they are right to feel that way

Parents discovered CRT IS being taught in K-12, just in semantically disguised form

Of all the Biden agenda roiling America, some say this one may have ‘final straw’ potential

Sic’ing the FBI on parents who prefer MLK to CRT is truly offensive


FREE Trillion Dollar Spending Bills


The radical leftist playbook is the same everywhere:

  • You’re not responsible for your lot in life; just tax the rich, and then everything can be free
  • Engineer massive wealth redistribution away from the producers to the dependents, and the dependents will vote to assure re-election

And fix the elections via rigged voting machines to make sure of re-election

Venezuela was the most prosperous nation in South America…

….enter Chavez and Maduro with the socialist playbook

…in 2021, 77% of Venezuelans live in extreme poverty…that’s right:  77%!!

Biden’s $3.5T spending that he says will cost ‘zero’ and increase the national debt by ‘zero’ because it will be ‘paid for’ by new taxes on the rich is pure radical leftist demagoguery

Americans MUST rise and demand Congress reject

this leftist nonsense and fiscal insanity