Why It Matters – The October 5th Show

Why It Matters – The October 5th Show

Soros-sponsored Border Invasion


Facts on the ground exist at the southern border

  • Drug dealers, human traffickers, sex traffickers and terrorists are coming into the USA

…b/c they are being encouraged and facilitated by the Soros-funded left

…b/c the Biden cabal intends this as a means to take down America

…b/c the American media is complicit in this take down of America

…b/c DC Uniparty leaders, including McConnell, don’t care to protect the border

The left’s bogus narrative must be understood and rejected by all Americans:

“America’s prosperity is an accident of history, and it must show compassion and

openness to the poor and persecuted by letting in whoever wants to come to America”

Reality:  America’s prosperity is a product of right ideas of human freedom under God

All American citizens, and those who wish to be citizens, MUST understand, protect and

defend this unique and powerful heritage…Biden’s open border destroys it


Arrest in LA re China Connection to US Elections


True the Vote – Catherine Engelbrecht/Gregg Phillips – major election fraud development

TTV previously revealed at “The Pit” (conference in August) info regarding ‘Konnech’

Konnech is a Michigan-based company with ties to China and CCP

TTV data pointed to Konnech having personal data on thousands of US election workers

TTV data indicated Konnech was storing US election worker data on servers IN CHINA

Konnech apparently has contracts with multiple US jurisdictions to manage elections

Storage of data in China apparently violates such contracts…considered THEFT of data

LA County in California has a contract with Konnech; arrested Konnech CEO yesterday

LA County DA is a radical leftist…appears reluctantly compelled to take action v. Konnech

Konnech’s links to China and US elections…a Pandora’s Box????

Keep an eye on this story…


Biden’s War on America: WH Censors “Enemies List”


Robby Starbuck, former MAGA candidate for Congress in Tennessee…major news

Starbuck uncovered evidence that Biden’s DHS formed “Election Integrity Partnership”

DHS spent $12M in US taxpayer dollars to censor critics of the Biden cabal

  • Censored Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Donald Trump Jr., and Marjorie Taylor Greene

This is not normal disagreement with political opponents

This is not the private action of a political party or campaign

This is direct action of the Biden admin that constitutes outright election interference

Americans must wake up to the criminality of the Biden cabal

Americans ought to vote out every office holder

who does NOT vehemently oppose the Biden cabal


Left’s “Katrinafying” of DeSantis


Leftists knee-capped GW Bush by shaming FEMA’s performance after Hurricane Katrina

Leftwing media determined to make Hurricane Ian’s devastation into DeSantis’ fault

Leftwing media is FAILING, badly, in this effort, because DeSantis is

  • Leading as he should
  • On the scene, engaged; not holed up in Governor’s office
  • Not ducking any question
  • Focused on delivering help and hope in the face of a natural disaster not of his making

No amount of anti-DeSantis media spin can change what Floridians see with their own eyes

Ron DeSantis is no fool as to the left’s tactics…and he is not afraid of them

This gaslighting is not working and will NOT work…

…A lesson more MAGA candidates must learn