Why It Matters – The October 5th Show

Why It Matters – The October 5th Show

Trump’s Covid Crowds


  • A Presidential message of vigor and recovery, and thankfulness for unsolicited public support, is the essence of normalcy and positivity….but the left is triggered, angry, obsessed with the lack of submissiveness to covid fear-mongering
  • Michigan Gov. Whitmer determined to enforce lockdowns despite her own state Supreme Court declaring them unconstitutional…this is un-American, out of control tyranny
  • Trump’s emerging recovery, along with many others in the WH/GOP circles, is putting fresh emphasis on recoveries, mild covid cases, and effective treatments

Will there be new impetus for ending lockdowns?
Will the helter-skelter pursuit of  a vaccine slow down?

   The covid over-reaction has been obvious for months; Americans are awake


Operation MAGA for Everyone


Trump boat parades, car parades, Walter Reed street gatherings – fresh air stirring

  • Americans are tired of humoring the leftist nonsense
  • America is NOT GUILTY of all the leftist accusations against America as systemically racist or systemically flawed in any way
  • Americans tuning out the politicized, China-compromised NBA in droves
  • The 2020 vote is increasingly seen as—

(1) for America, or (2) for the leftist destruction of America   It’s that simple

Latest leftist insanity:

Celebrity chef Alison Roman hit with charges of ‘colonization’ and ‘ethnic erasure’ due to endorsement of spices without denunciation of all things western that may have led to discovery and appreciation of spices

This is ridiculous, ignorant and stupid, and Americans are tiring of it


Why Denounce White Supremacy


President Trump is on record more than 20 times—including in the first Trump-Biden debate—denouncing white supremacism and white supremacists

But the MSM never stops asking for another denunciation…because it is a form of accusation

Forced denunciations are right out of the communist brainwashing playbook

Longstanding PR advice:  don’t deny accusations by repeating them (“I am not a crook”)

Trump is not a racist; he was always an above-racism, cultural icon in the black community until he ran for President as a Republican

Kenosha was NOT about white supremacy; 11 minutes of video now going viral on Kyle Rittenhouse shows that he was about self-defense and defense of Kenosha from armed outside agitators who wanted to kill him…’white supremacy’ as KR’s motive is a made-up fraud of the MSM

Chris Wallace disgraced himself in his false portrayal of Kenosha

…and now the next debate moderator is a former Biden intern

Americans are fed up with this complete farce of ‘journalism’