Why It Matters – The October 6th Show

Why It Matters – The October 6th Show

Merrick and Mask Madness in America


  • AG Garland has officially unleashed the FBI on American parents who object to the teaching of CRT because CRT teaches children–
    • To hate each other because of the color of their skin, and
    • To hate America
  • AG Garland’s son-in-law is co-founder of an education company that spreads CRT teaching materials to schools across the USA
  • So….AG Garland’s weaponizing of the FBI against upset American parents supports and is likely to enrich his daughter and son-in-law

The radical left—of whom AG Garland is clearly a part—forever show you who they are and how they operate:  they are smarter and better than you, and they will shut you up to maintain power and collect wealth

They are profoundly Anti-American



America is paying a horrific price from censorship/suppression of real data regarding every aspect of the covid policy ‘regime’

America’s Frontline Doctors have been clear for months

  • MANY studies of masks, pre-dating 2020, show masks do not stop the spread of a virus
  • Children are at virtually no risk of death from covid, and do not need to wear masks
  • Children suffer serious developmental problems—e.g., anxiety and more—from the mandated wearing of masks

Yet Dr. Fauci continues to deny/suppress these facts, and Big Tech & petty officials enforce Fauci’s views. He creates a pandemic of fear and ignorance.

Un-informed and under-informed school officials all over the USA continue to flounder and impose draconian anti-covid policies

The fear pandemic is far more serious and society-afflicting than covid