Why It Matters – The October 6th Show

Why It Matters – The October 6th Show

Trump and Saving America


Trump echoes FDR – ‘nothing to fear but fear itself’ – and today’s left goes hysterical

“Don’t be afraid’ encouragement of the sick has always been common sense, common decency

Americans must understand what is at stake:

The left WANTS Americans to live in fear; to wait for govt to tell them what they can and can’t do; to snitch on neighbors; to be sheeple         TO SURRENDER ALL FREEDOM

Portland Mayor is losing in polls to open ‘I am Antifa’ communist! Real voters choosing Antifa

The 2020 election is about saving America/preserving freedom…FULL STOP

Trump’s personality and tweets are irrelevant

Trump’s Walter Reed car ride is irrelevant

“Voting for the Person, Not the Party” to justify Biden is suicidal nonsense

Biden’s Party has left the American playing field … joined the Marxists

Vote for America = Vote for Trump…It’s That Simple


Polling Scams


  • Polls showing Biden with a big lead are ridiculously flawed, with documented over-sampling of Democrats to skew results
  • Trump boat parades, car parades & rallies with thousands are also a form of polls
  • Polling in this social media era is primarily a tool of mental manipulation, shaping opinion and pushing an agenda under disguised/contorted questioning…ignore them, and VOTE

The word is out:  vote in person on November 3rd to help defeat election fraud

Just watch – the turnout for in-person voting will be off the charts high

It’s MOSTLY a ‘turnout election’…. (still a few wobbly we need to lift up)

            …and American patriots MUST TURN OUT on November 3rd


Real Life Meaning of UAE – Israel Deal


Americans need reminding:  “covid” is not the be-all and end-all of human existence

Life continues throughout the world, and big, positive things are happening

Standard foreign policy critique of Trump:  ‘embarrassing to our allies; emboldening enemies’

Always, demonstrably FALSE

“The Abraham Accords” have the potential to be monumentally significant toward peace

The MSM has downplayed them because they reflect positively on President Trump

Israeli investment firm OurCrowd announces MOU with UAE investment firm

Working together to fund startups that can improve lives everywhere

Rising above tribalism, religious bigotry…unthinkable just five years ago

A tremendous achievement by President Trump…reason enough to re-elect