Why It Matters – The October 7th Show

Why It Matters – The October 7th Show

WHY Trump Dropped Covid Stimulus Negotiations


  • The need among many ‘covid-unemployed’ Americans is serious and continuing
  • Pelosi and the Left loaded relief bill with leftist wish-list items having nothing to do with the real needs of ‘covid-unemployed’
  • Pelosi believed Trump would have to cave for fear of being labelled insensitive
  • Trump called Pelosi’s bluff…said he would sign a bill calling for direct $1,200 payment to individuals…AND bolstered PPP, but otherwise called off negotiations until after the election—when he has promised more robust relief

    Trump understands negotiations; is never afraid to walk away; and does not fear spin from the discredited MSM…Republican leaders need to learn from Trump


Latest on #ObamaGate = Clinton Dirty Trick


The open secret known by engaged Americans for four+ years:

The Russia Collusion story was always a hoax; a political dirty trick hit job almost surely orchestrated by HRC & coordinated with the Obama-Biden CIA, DOJ and FBI

It is the most outrageous political scandal in the history of the United States of America

An actual conspiracy seemingly among the highest-ranking officials in the federal government,

to rig an election, and when that didn’t work, to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States…and to violate laws and defraud courts with impunity in order to do so

The only things more outrageous than the scandal itself are:

(1) The MSM’s complicity in it to this day; there is almost no MSM coverage; and

(2) The inability or unwillingness of Barr/Durham to impose accountability on the

lead perpetrators

Trump will make sure millions of Americans know this before November 3rd