Why It Matters – The October 7th Show

Why It Matters – The October 7th Show

Black Leaders Melt the White House


        Nothing rattles the left more than the threat of black Americans leaving the Dem Party

        Turning Point USA  AND Candace Owens lit brushfires of freedom in the hearts of many black Americans

        President Trump honored their bravery

        ONE RESULT:  At the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House, an Ethiopian native raised in America offered a heart-melting prayer for President Trump, with a call for all Americans to wake up and return to love of God and country

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Trump Agenda Explains Impeachment


        Donald Trump ran on a specific agenda, and he is acting on it

Ø The MSM narrative – Trump never thought he would win; a lark for his brand…

            …is completely bogus

        Revitalizing the American middle class thru manufacturing reset (tariffs), tax cuts, deregulation, border security=> resonates with the American people but THREATENS

Ø “Globalist” investors; socialist ambitions; and Deep State control of government

        Barr/Durham are getting close to the jugular of full-scale exposure of the coup

The impeachment charade is Mueller Hoax 2.0; it is the attempt to build a “squirrel!! dumpster fire” to distract from Barr/Durham when it becomes public


Peggy & Mitt Unhinged


        A brilliant columnist and Reagan speechwriter now sees Trump as simply too uncouth to be in ruling class elite company…She’s the female counterpart of Senator Romney

        The abuses of American government power by Obama and his leftist cabal—like the Russia Collusion Hoax, AND the failure of US institutions to stop it—either isn’t seen or doesn’t count in Peggy’s and Mitt’s world.

        Trump’s brawling style matters more to them than the great things he is doing

        Noonan and Romney have no idea of how broad and deep Trump’s support is among Americans who want the Swamp drained, because can’t see the Swamp (or worse, they ARE Swamp Dwellers?)


2020 – “We the People” Saving America


        The MSM has failed America; too many are Dem propagandists

        The FBI/DOJ failed America; they concocted a plot, fabricated evidence, and lied to Congress and the American people—to interfere in and control an election

        The vast majority of elected officials have failed America through cowardice

They fear the Beltway media more than they fear or know the American people

        Too many Christian leaders—pastors, ministers, priests—have, for the most part, failed America.  They have been deceived and overwhelmed by militant leftists intent on destroying the traditional family, border security, and individual freedom.

“We the people” are the only force left that can save America