Why It Matters – The October 8th Show

Why It Matters – The October 8th Show

Pence’s Poise & Kamala’s Treachery


  • Moderator another leftist: “settled” climate science; covid out of control; economy not recovering
  • VP Pence stayed in character: unflappable, serious, gentle in tone, substantive, experienced

Exposed Biden-Harris: pack SCOTUS; support GND, oppose fracking; repeal tax cuts = raise taxes; covid ‘plan’ just a copy of what Trump admin is doing

  • Kamala Harris was never popular with Dem primary voters – major ‘likability’ deficit

Off-putting mannerisms, making faces, cackling, condescending attitude

All were on display during the VP debate; reek of undesirable ‘special rules for women’ vibe

Much more disturbing – Harris’ unflinching willingness to straight up lie

“Fine people” hoax repeated by Harris; shot down by Pence

“Losers and suckers” fake Atlantic story repeated by Harris; rebutted by Pence

Lincoln and SCOTUS vacancy – completely bogus portrayal by Harris

VP debate did not generate enthusiasm for Harris

Pence added confidence to the Trump-Pence ticket


Great Barrington & Trump’s Covid Leadership


Americans must wake up:

People called ‘doctors’ are not immune to political pressures; are not above endorsing political agendas; can conflate political viewpoints and medical advice

When a doctor’s political preferences can be predicted by his/her opinion re HCQ…

…the doctor is NOT practicing ‘science’

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a globalist who believes in masks/lockdowns until vaccine available

His disparagement of HCQ, budesonide and other therapies is NOT based on science

It is based on his political worldview

There are >4,000 physician signatories to the Great Barrington declaration

which affirms that lockdowns and masks are ineffective and should cease

Which view is ‘science’?  The Best answer for America: 

trust Freedom & Free people to find truth and take care of themselves


Trump Sign in Hollywood Hills?


Huge “TRUMP” sign goes up on private property in Sepulveda Pass – one of the most heavily trafficked areas of Los Angeles

Immediately taken down by government workers as ‘traffic hazard’ (?!)

“Blue” California may not be as blue as Dems/MSM want to believe

Gov. Newsom is NOT popular – ‘masks between bites’ ??!!

LA Mayor Garcetti is NOT popular

Even blue state residents understand what freedom is, and isn’t; and they know the difference between an elected leader and a tyrannical ruler

Surprising results coming in California on November 3rd?????