Why It Matters – The October 8th Show

Why It Matters – The October 8th Show

The Totalitarian Cancel Culture

A ‘national security conference’ to address the Islamic threat and border security,

featuring American patriots Brigitte Gabriel and Michelle Malkin, cancelled due to ‘hater’ tags applied by intolerant SPLC & misguided ADL, at Mar-a-Lago!

This is totalitarianism in America; the silencing of all who will not bow to leftism.

The intentions of those at the top of the leftist cabal are that the LEFT will  control what Americans hear and think.

Private companies default to ‘Surrender to the LEFT’ as the path of least resistance.

Patriots must make ‘Surrender to the LEFT’  the worst possible choice! Speak up!

American free speech—which protects American freedom—is being trampled


John Guandolo – UTT Founder

Check out  UnderstandingTheThreat.com and learn what UTT is teaching.

Watch the video “Continuum of Jihad” on YouTube.

Learn the history of aggression in the name of Islam.

        The issue isn’t about individual Muslims; it is about Islamic doctrine that you can read and understand yourself.

        This is being taught and promulgated in more than 3,000 mosques all over America, and in Islamic Centers and schools.

Islamic doctrine and the American Bill of Rights cannot be reconciled


MECCA of Chicago

        Again, the issue is not about individual Muslims; it’s about Islamic doctrine

        The Muslim Educational Culture Center of America (MECCA), in the heartland-middle-of-America, Chicago, hosts terror-related Islamic extremists, and anti-Semitic, speakers

        Again, Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with the American Bill of Rights

        This fundamental conflict cannot be wished or shouted or scoffed or ‘moderated’ away


Campus-based Islamic Indoctrination Must Stop

        Fair-minded, ‘equal time’ comparative religion studies are one thing

            Islamic indoctrination is quite another

        Trump administration has ordered Duke and UNC to stop Islamic indoctrination

            Will they actually stop?

        K-12 course curricula in some parts of the country:  information or indoctrination?

Judaism and Christianity are not afforded educational favoritism in the USA

Why should the treatment of Islam be different?

Preserving AMERICA’s Judeo-Christian heritage and character requires speaking up for it!