Why It Matters – The October 9th Show

Why It Matters – The October 9th Show

Trump’s Brilliant Impeachment Hardball

        Trump has called out Pelosi’s fraud on the Constitution for what it is

        Trump is not refusing to comply with lawful Congressional demands, but he is demanding that those demands be, in fact, lawful….Trump is demanding that the House vote to authorize impeachment proceedings

Pelosi is in a trap of her own making–

Ø The artifice of House rules, and the sham of ‘whistleblower’/Mueller 2.0 are exposed

Ø Trump’s Ukraine call transcript is transparently NOT ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’

Ø Dems in Trump-won districts of 2016 do not want to vote for impeachment

Pelosi will either have to take her ‘rules’ to SCOTUS, where she will lose, or back off


Manufactured Impeachment Treachery

        Pelosi designed House ‘rules’ changes as soon as Dems took control in 2018

        Everything about those changes was to allow ‘lawyered artifice’ to substitute for clear, Constitutional due process on the subject of impeachment

        “Letters” demanding docs/testimony are NOT lawful subpoenas; refusals to comply are NOT obstruction of justice; denial of GOP participation is blatantly unconstitutional

        Without an official House vote, with all members on record, yay or nay, as to moving forward with impeachment, there is no Congressional authority to compel testimony or document production on the subject of impeachment – to claim otherwise is to violate the Constitution’s separation of powers


Liz Lies Again

        Elizabeth Warren is not an Indian, and never was

Elizabeth Warren gamed the system to her benefit for decades; Americans know this

        Now Liz is demonstrably, unequivocally lying and doubling down on her lies about the role of her pregnancy in her decision to leave teaching in 1971

        These lies are in effect lies about her country and countrymen in 1971—i.e., SHE WAS NOT MISTREATED IN ANY WAY, and she should be ashamed to claim otherwise

        Americans are NOT ok with the ruling class norms that ‘everybody lies’

        Americans are NOT ok with the ruling class lies that America is a bad place