Why It Matters – The September 10th Show

Why It Matters – The September 10th Show

Seth Rich/Julian Assange/Ed Butowsky Review

        “Russians hacked the DNC!!!!”  was a critical launching point for the Russia Collusion Hoax and the coup plot against Trump

        Ellen Ratner, a liberal former Fox News reporter is on video saying Julian Assange told her in Nov 2016 in person that he received the DNC emails from an inside-the-DNC source

        Ellen Ratner told Ed Butowsky that Julian Assange identified DNC staffer Seth Rich as the source of the DNC emails publicly released by Wikileaks

        Seth Rich was murdered in DC in July 2016,soon after the leak; the murder remains unsolved

        Forensic analysis suggests the capture of DNC emails was a download, not a hack.

        DNC servers ONLY examined by DEM-friendly private group CrowdStrike – NEVER by the FBI. WHY was DNC allowed to prevent FBI examination?

        NO one in the FBI /Mueller investigation interviewed Ed Butowsky, or Julian Assange, about Seth Rich, or anything else.  Why not?

The media/Dem mission is to END this conversation; Butowsky’s defamation lawsuits are making that impossible.

TRUTH about the source of the DNC emails impacts rule of law and the integrity of America’s law enforcement community


Impeachment Starts

        Trump is near 50+% approval; at 94% among GOP voters

        Mueller investigation turned up nothing on claim of Russian collusion

        Internet sleuthing/reporting has made the scope of the coup plot clear, as well as most of the participants—and a huge segment of Americans know this

With this background, Nadler/Dems intend to start impeachment against Trump?

America’s social fabric/cohesion/respect for institutions will be put to the test if Nadler really proceeds


Trump’s Primary Challengers

        Sanford, Walsh and Weld know they will not beat President Trump in a GOP primary

        These campaigns are mostly exercises in preening self-aggrandizement that could divide        the GOP.

        Primarying the President is politically costly; every anti-Trump campaign statement they make will become a Democrat Party talking point.

        However, canceling primaries is also divisive & could alienate GOP voters.

    GOP voters are supposed to be able to choose their candidates.