Why It Matters – The September 11th Show

Why It Matters – The September 11th Show

Honoring 9/11 Requires …

NAMING and understanding the enemy

Yet a NYT tweet from TODAY:





Airplanes took aim????

Good:  44 known major Islamic terrorist attacks in America have been thwarted

Bad:  Not all have been thwarted in America or in the rest of the world

        America – Boston Marathon bombers, Orlando night club, San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, Little Rock & Chattanooga military recruiting centers

        Rest of the world – Paris, Nice, Berlin, Brussels, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Ottawa, Sydney, Barcelona

        The FBI says there are 22 known Islamic terrorist training camps in America



Bolton Out, Taliban In?

Bolton is known as a hardliner in dealing with known enemies of America, and understands the ideology of our enemies, who include:

        China, Iran, North Korea, jihadist Islam, and the Taliban in Afghanistan

Trump is an extraordinary dealmaker, but deal-making with the Taliban must take into account their unrelenting jihadist ideology

Dangerous for America to make deals with ideological enemies like the Taliban, especially when they are not surrendering.

The choice to replace Bolton – enormously significant


North Carolina Special Election Results

        DEMS outspent the GOP by millions

        Trump did a rally in Fayetteville NC on Monday, 9/9

        GOP won BOTH special elections – one by >12 points

        Cumberland County in NC is 35% Black –

            Trump lost it by 20K votes in 2016; Dem won it in 2018 election that was set aside, and GOP’s candidate Dan Bishop won it yesterday:  THIS IS BIG

BLEXIT and the favorable economy for minorities are real factors favoring Trump in 2020

Dems can’t win without a monolithic black vote

Could the House flip in 2020?

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