Why It Matters – The September 12th Show

Why It Matters – The September 12th Show

9.11 in NY Yesterday


Football fans in New York proudly and robustly sang the national anthem on 9.11, a throwback to the unity America felt after the 2001 attack.


Hillary Clinton continues the Left’s diversion and misdirection tactics, claiming “extremism” was the problem on 9.11, without defining the dangerous beliefs.


The “CVE” (countering violent extremism) word choice was about diverting America’s attention away from facts.


So today the American Left is funding the murderous, jihadist Taliban.

Once “extremism” became the enemy, & ONLY the left and the media echo chamber get to define “extreme,” that word becomes a political weapon to silence speech & legitimate political opposition.


Election fraud investigators, and free speech advocates, are NOT extreme.

Patriotism and love of America & Freedom is NOT extreme

The Left’s Agenda for America IS Extremely Dangerous


Biden Regime Releases Dr. Simone Gold

from political prison


Dr. Simone Gold’s early release from prison is a cause for celebration, BUT she never should have been prosecuted. Her arrest, the FBI tactics used to search her home, the trial judge’s extreme bias against her and Trump supporters, AND her sentence to real jail time, were abominations and a terrible reflection of the lawlessness of the Biden Administration.


Every American should care about this abuse

by the FBI and the DOJ of our criminal justice system

We are watching the disintegration of the rule of law

And that will someday hurt every American


WHY the Biden DOJ Assault on Trump Rages ON


The Biden team is desperate to keep President Trump out of Washington and to make it impossible for him to run.  WHY ?


Every indicator is telling the Marxists who run the Democrat Party, and the left-wing media echo chamber that supports them, that America cannot wait to vote them out of power.


They wrongly believe that destroying Trump means silencing and shutting down the MAGA agenda and sentiment, and that is where they are wrong.


MAGA – the restoration of love of America and

reverence for the ideas that made America great … are reawakened.

MAGA will outlive Trump.