Why It Matters – The September 12th Show

Why It Matters – The September 12th Show

9.11 & A Way to Help


9/11 always deserves remembrance:

…of actual perpetrators, victims, motives, harms, heroic first responders


Among the most worthy of 9/11 charities is “Tunnel to Towers” (t2t.org)

  • Still delivering support—including new homes—to those widowed or orphaned or otherwise devastated by the attacks
  • Max Dobbs’ old-school American cookbook…proceeds go to t2t.org
  • Order at [email protected]

Sen. Ted Cruz has noted the next 9/11 plotter can simply walk in to USA at southern border

America still has more to learn from 9/11


Texas AG Ken Paxton & Consent of the Governed


More and more evidence at Paxton trial shows:

…this is a ruling class effort to perpetuate the club and overrule the voters

…wayward Paxton staffers are culpably naïve

Paxton should never question the FBI????!!!  Are you kidding me????

Prosecutorial discretion cannot go against staff recommendations???!!!

Texas voters like what Ken Paxton has done as Attorney General and they re-elected him

  • All matters raised by impeachment were essentially raised by Paxton’s primary challengers and by his general election opponent…and the voters made their decision
  • This is the essence of government by the consent of the governed
  • Decisions by the ‘governed’ may prove wise or unwise, but they are NOT to be overturned after an election by elites who think they know better…that is NOT the design of the constitutional Republic…and Texas state law explicitly codifies this principle


Trump’s Indictments & Self-Government


Fulton County GA grand jury wanted to indict many others besides Trump

Premise:  it is a crime to dispute an election result

America is still being manipulated and mesmerized to accept the premise of 2020 as a legitimate election…evidence of:

  • Rigged machines delivering rigged results (Mesa County CO)
  • Cheating methods involving mail-in ballots (2000 Mules)
  • Govt-imposed censorship and deceit (51 ‘intelligence officials’ said Hunter’s laptop was likely Russian disinformation)

…is now OVERWHELMING and not refutable

It is now fundamentally ignorant or dishonest to claim 2020 was a safe and secure election Trump indictments are transparently malicious

Intended to take away Americans’ right to elect their President


Recognizing China’s Global Governance Agenda


CCP is maneuvering with UN and WHO and other organizations

  • Undermining national sovereignty of all nations, especially USA
  • Granting WHO authority over global pandemic response
  • Moving toward WHO/int’l authority over all ‘threats to humans, animals and plants’

Feckless, spineless US Senate—especially Republicans—do NOT insist on treating these agreements as treaties that under the Constitution require two-thirds of Senators to approve

There are NOT two-thirds of the Senators who would approve these agreements

…because they know the American people do NOT want them approved

…but they ignore the will of the people and the Constitution


That’s why I’m running for RNC Committeewoman from Texas!